Farmers State Bank
Website Access Help

If you're unable to access our Online Banking website at all, try changing a required browser security setting.

  • To learn how to make the change manually, click here.

  • If you're using Internet Explorer, Chrome or AOL, click here and we'll attempt to make the change for you.  Select [Run] and [Yes] as responses.

If you're using Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and you receive a "3400 error ..." while logging in, you'll need to place '' in Compatibility View.


Right-click anywhere it's empty on Internet Explorer's title bar.  Then click on 'Command bar' if a checkmark isn't already displayed beside it.


While on's page, click on 'Page' and then on 'Compatibility View' if a checkmark isn't already displayed beside it.


In order to maintain the above Compatibility View setting, you'll need to add to your Favorites and verify a website data removal setting.


While on's page, click on the Favorite's star and then on 'Add to favorites'.


Click on [Add].


Finally, click on 'Tools' and 'Internet options'.


Click on [Delete...].


Make sure a checkmark is in the box to 'Preserve Favorites website data'.


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